European Symposium on Research in Architecture and Urban Design 2018

Universidad de Alicante (UA)

September 19, 2018 – September 22, 2018

EURAU Project becomes a meeting for Schools network and researchers from Architecture and Urbanism, which takes place every two years with the aim of showing the projects and developments done by any School or person.

It is intended to be a meeting and a deposit containing all the researches that are taking place around Europe with the main concern of encouraging the communication and sharing resources between both the assistants and experts with a deep knowledge on these areas.

The main goal for EURAU is about positioning itself as a discussion place around the congress' topics, being this year; "Retroactive research, or, the capacity of Architecture to challenge and extend the limits of other disciplines"


¡ATTENTION! Please, make sure to download and use the template provided for your proposals.

Get it here:  Eurau 18 template for authors


More information at EURAU18 homepage:

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